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  1. Plural of jump


  1. third-person singular of jump

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Jump may refer to:
  • Jumping, the act of propelling oneself upwards, using one's own power, into the air
  • A tool redirecting horizontal velocity into vertical, e.g. a quarter pipe
  • Jumping, abandoning or leaving, especially hastily or furtively
  • A jump start - a colloquial term for a method of starting an automobile with a dead battery.
  • Jump Associates, a design strategy firm based in San Mateo, California
  • Jump, South Yorkshire, a village in the metropolitan borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England
  • Weekly Shonen Jump, a manga magazine also known as Shonen Jump
  • A computer programming language instruction denoting an unconditional branch.
  • Jump, a 1999 film
  • Jump In!, a Disney Channel Original Movie
  • Jump (Alliance-Union universe), a fictional faster-than-light technology used in the Alliance-Union universe
  • Jump, an Israeli clothing/fashion company.
  • Jump!, a 1987 computer game for Commodore 64 by Loadstar
  • Jump, a term in some blog entries ("More after the jump"), indicating a break (usually an advertisement), with the text continued below it
  • Jumps is a frog from Beanie Babies 2.0
  • Jump, A game made by 2SoulDesign for the iRiver
  • Jump drive, one of the speculative inventions in science fiction, a method of traveling faster than light
  • JumpDrive, a common name for a USB flash drive
  • Russel Jump, American politician
  • JUMP - Java Metamodel Protocol, a metadata language for profiling data
  • an obstacle in steeplechase, point to point, or hunter hack horse racing


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